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A wedding trend I have fallen completely in love with are first looks. The first time a couple sees each other on a wedding day truly is a magical moment that deserves to be remembered. Depending on the couple and the day ahead, having this holy moment be private is exactly what they need! On […]

Intimate First Look | Canyonwood Ridge | Angelina Loreta Photography


July 12, 2023

When all is said and done, your wedding dress has been tucked away and you begin your life as husband and wife, what you are left with as newlyweds are your wedding photos. Wedding days fly by in an instant, so it is my ultimate goal and passion to create memories that bring you right […]

Why I will Always Vouch for Bridal Portraits


December 5, 2022

bride and groom holding hands

The Timeline From my experience, the timeline is the #1 cause of stress on wedding day, and it absolutely does not have to be! If you intentionally plan your timeline, you’ll be able to be more present, and be able to focus on the one thing you’re there to do: get married to the love […]

Brides: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Wedding Day Timeline

For Brides

October 11, 2022