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Thank you so much for reaching out! I will be in touch super soon.

- victoria + logan

Angelina was an absolute sweetheart when it came to me and Logan getting engaged and planning our wedding! She met with me beforehand and got to know me and what I was really looking for in my wedding and engagement photos. She knew exactly what I was wanting and looking for: real and genuine photos of our wedding day. On my wedding day she was an amazing dependent, she knew what I wanted and I fully put my trust in her with no worries.

During my wedding, she was so on point with my schedule, and made sure everything I wanted was taken care of. even when I tried not to stress about it and enjoy my wedding. I’ve been married for several months now, and I still look at my photos and feel like it happened just yesterday. The love I see and I feel when I look at her amazing pictures she captured for me at my wedding was absolutely beautiful. The biggest thing I wanted her to capture was the honest love and candid photos of my family and my wonderful husband. And she most definitely captured that! I had a blast with Angelina, she was so kind and so thoughtful about everything. Being able to share with her our story and her sharing her own story with me made me feel more connected and so comfortable with every step of the way on our wedding day!

"I still look at my photos and feel like it happened just yesterday!"

- Kaleigh + David

We chose Angelina to photograph our wedding and I am so grateful we did! Angelina is professional, intentional, and a joy to work with as a photographer. She is truly passionate about what she does!! She made sure that she knew what the most important moments of our wedding to us were, memorized our wedding schedule, and was on top of it our entire wedding day. I knew I could trust that she was capturing every special moment!

Taking pictures can be kind of awkward, but that isn’t the case with Angelina!! While taking pictures with my family, bridal party, and new husband she really made us feel comfortable and celebrated. She’s knows how to be direct but in a kind and fun way! As a bride I felt encouraged by her and she knows how to hype you up to create fun pictures. When I looked through my wedding gallery, I was so thrilled to see how she had photographed our day so beautifully - she truly has a talent for capturing your personality, all the special little details, and candid moments! We really felt like we got to relive our day over again. Angelina is everything you would want in a wedding photographer, we can’t recommend her enough!!

"Taking pictures can be kind of awkward. This isn't the case with Angelina

- Alex + Brian

Angelina ALWAYS shows up with excitement and a smile, with sooo many ideas ready to go. Taking pictures together as a date was the MOST fun, and she made it all the more exciting!! I've never known how to pose well in pictures, but she did such a great job gently prompting us on what to do while also making it fun in the process. The guidance given by her never made me feel awkward, and she was always clear in the ideas she wanted to embody.

Receiving pictures just absolutely stunned me in how we were able to be a part of the ideas she envisioned come to life. Throughout the process, Angelina was always communicating clearly AND with so much excitement to get to work with us. She also gave such great recommendations on color schemes and outfits, so we never had to worry about choosing something that clashed with the area she was going to photograph in, or with each other! I highly recommend Angelina for a fun date idea, or any other couples pictures! I am always so grateful for her and how intentional she is throughout the whole process!

"I am always so grateful for her and how intentional she is throughout the whole process!"

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