This editorial wedding took place in the timeless landscape of Houston, Texas. Angelina Loreta Photography created magazine worthy flash photos for the elegant Texas couple.

December 16, 2022


Nighttime Bride + Groom Photos | Why I Love Them

As a lover of timeless imagery, you can probably imagine what I have to say about this trend. Before the digital age with photoshop making perfect photos, all we had were the direct flash, “can’t see it until it develops” photos. The unmistakable charm of old photos makes my soul come alive. Back when we couldn’t review and decide to retake, we saw MOMENTS appear. Those not so picture perfect photos gave us the most genuine, authentic look into people’s lives.

This is exactly why I love to take a few minutes for bride and groom photos after dark. This is where we get the best of both worlds. The direct flash, filmy, photos add such a perfect timeless touch to the wedding that you will love and cherish forever. Want these photos to be part of your day? Send me a message HERE so we can gush over your wedding pictures we create!!

Consider this your sign to take filmy flashy photos after dark 😉

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