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July 12, 2023

A wedding trend I have fallen completely in love with are first looks. The first time a couple sees each other on a wedding day truly is a magical moment that deserves to be remembered. Depending on the couple and the day ahead, having this holy moment be private is exactly what they need!

This first look was among the most intimate moments of Katie and Luke's wedding day. The Texas couple got married at the timeless chapel at Canyonwood Ridge, full of natural light. Angelina Loreta Photography created personality filled photos for this down to earth couple in Austin, Texas.

On this day in particular, Katie and Luke chose to have a first look and have a private vow reading right before their ceremony. Every moment of this time spent with each other was perfect!

Before I dive into why I love first looks, let these photos do the talking.

A moment alone

Whether you get married in your parents backyard with 25 of your closest friends and family or have a 400 person soiree in the big white wedding venue, your people are there to celebrate YOU. After you say “I do!”, chances are you’ll be surrounded by your friends and family. For more introverted couples, this can feel overwhelming very fast. A first look gives you the opportunity to have a privately shared moment. It’s a breath of fresh air before the real party begins!

This time also gives you the opportunity to privately share a moment of your wedding. If you choose to read your vows, pray together, have a letter or gift exchange, or anything else, a first look is the perfect time to do so in an intimate setting!

more time for photos

Because who doesn’t love more photos 😉 Adding a first look to your wedding timeline frees up so much space right after your ceremony. They allow for all wedding party + family formals to be taken care of, so by the time you say “I do!”, all that there’s left for you to do is just ENJOY your day! No worrying about sticking to a schedule or making sure Uncle Bob is there for family photos.

Like what you see? Let’s make some magic at your wedding

I am so passionate about creating timeless, personality-filled photos at your wedding. Moments like these remind me and should remind you that your wedding day is not a photo shoot! If you’re looking for someone who wants to capture your MOMENTS in a documentary style way, I am the gal for you, connect with me HERE to make some wedding magic!

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