Why I will Always Vouch for Bridal Portraits



December 5, 2022

When all is said and done, your wedding dress has been tucked away and you begin your life as husband and wife, what you are left with as newlyweds are your wedding photos. Wedding days fly by in an instant, so it is my ultimate goal and passion to create memories that bring you right back to the FEELING in each photo.

Bridal portraits are no exception. As a Christian, I see the wedding day and bridehood through the heart of Jesus. As brides, we carefully prepare for our wedding. For months, we dream and bring together the actual day, piece by piece: Finding THE dress, seeking out vendors, carefully looking at all the small details, implementing that fun wedding idea you saw on TikTok, hiding away your dress to surprise anyone and everyone, and so much more. These careful preparations lead to the day. 24 hours of your life. And once the day comes, we spend so much time preparing our hair, makeup, steaming the dress 150 times, praying, and holding onto the butterflies in our tummy. Why do we go to such lengths?

There’s no other explanation than looking into God’s heart for marriage and bridehood.

Our earthly marriage is a direct reflection of our marriage to Jesus. As Christians, we prepare our whole lives for the day we get to meet Jesus face to face at a marriage feast in Heaven (see Revelation 19). He is our Groom, the one who gives Himself for the Bride (the church).

Think of a beautiful marriage in your circle. The selflessness and faithfulness between a husband and wife are exactly what God desires with each and every one of us. That’s why our wedding day has such an inexplainable layer of holiness and excitement.

And that’s exactly why you as a bride deserve to be remembered by more than a handful of photos. Setting aside a day to get into your dress and take bridal portraits produces so many timeless memories of you as a beautiful bride.

Don’t let these precious moments go uncaptured! Connect with me HERE to keep this conversation going 🤍

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