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October 4, 2022

Victoria and Logan

These two newlyweds got married on a gorgeous afternoon this October. Theirs was the epitome of an autumn dream wedding… complete with dreamy autumn wedding photos!

On the day of their wedding, Victoria and Logan took time to soak in so many precious moments with their friends and family. Each special moment exuded their personality and tender love. Every first look, laugh shared, and restful hour made for such a beautiful wedding day/

“We met when we were 15. We had an English class together but never talked to each other until 2 years later when me and his sister became inseparable. Then years passed and his and mine relationships had come and left. Then in 2020 we were all at a bible study I went with his sister and he met us there after work. Me and him were sitting on the couch and talking and his sister called it. Her exact words were, “he was looking at you like dad looks at mom.” I never stopped thinking about that moment. Months had passed and he had invited me and my siblings to come over and hangout with the family. Then days went on we didn’t ever spare a minute apart. We ended up going on our first date and I knew I never felt so comfortable and so loved by one person. I knew he was gonna take care of me and my heart. We have been inseparable ever since.”

After years of knowing each other and a faithful pursuit, Victoria and Logan are finally MARRIED!!!

Take a look at this small snapshot into their perfect day (take a look at the Motorcycle photos at the end!! You will NOT regret)

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