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September 28, 2022


Houston Couples Session | Megan + John

A few months ago, I took a few friends to The Woodlands to take some couples photos and MY OH MY are they stunning!!!! On such short notice, Megan and John were so down to go snap dreamy photos at sunset, and brought allll the life and personality to the party!

Recently, my husband sent me an old behind the scenes video of that session.

Something so small, and yet, I was so moved by it. The first things that I noticed weren’t how awkward I sounded/looked (although that was a huge component of the video 🤪) or even the beautiful setting I was in. It was the PEOPLE I was capturing! In the video, Megan and John looked like MODELS. There was no hint of stiff and awkwardness in their stature. They were just being themselves. This showed so evidently in their photos.

Megan had this to say:

Angelina made our session so fun and special. The pictures turned out beautiful and she captures such beautiful moments

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