It's about more than just pretty photographs

When you've walked the stage and moved on to the next season, senior photos take you back to the feelings and excitement of the "Good Ole Days" 

I'm not about just taking a few Instagram pictures, nor am I the photographer who will pose you awkwardly. From the moment you reach out to beyond your graduation, I'm here to serve you as a friend before a photographer, and of course a ton of pictures to last a lifetime ;)

Here's the TEA

timeless memories

personality filled pictures     
making a new bff (ME!)

i'm your gal if you value:

the packages

Starting at $375

  • 45 minutes of shoot time
  • one outfit
  • up to two locations
  • styling guide
  • hi-res images
  • me hyping you up because you're killing it

collection no. 3

Starting at $525

  • 90 minutes of shoot time
  • two outfits
  • up to three locations
  • styling guide
  • hi-res images
  • me screaming "oh my gosh!" every other photo

collection no. 2

Starting at $650

  • 2 hours of shoot time
  • unlimited outfits
  • unlimited locations
  • styling guide
  • hi-res images 
  • me screaming "cuuute!" the whole time

collection no. 1

Excited doesn't BEGIN to describe how pumped I am to talk to you! After you send this my way, you should hear back from me within 24 hours, then we can get this show on the road!

Let's get your senior pics captured!!

Frequently Asked Questions

how many seniors do you take a semester?

I take up to TEN seniors per semester! These spots, I've noticed, fill up QUICKLY. I limit my bookings to ensure every senior is getting the ultimate experience!

what happens if the weather is too bad?

For every day I book, I set aside two additional days in case of a rain or poor weather! With an ever changing forecast, it would be best to make a final decision to reschedule no later than the morning of the session.

how many pictures will i get back?

A LOT! In all seriousness, I love to make sure to capture everything, and love to shower you with tons of selections! That being said, I return anywhere from 100-250 photos, depending on the length of the session.

am I allowed to bring my dog or friends?

YES YES 100X YES! I always encourage my people to bring the besties, mom, anyone you would want hyping you up and snag some pictures with! The more the merrier!

can you edit differently or send unedited photos?

Nope. A big part of what you're investing in is the art style that makes my photos truly my photos. You wouldn't want a chef giving you raw chicken;)

can you photoshop me?

No, I don't photoshop my people and here's why... I'm here to capture YOU. I’m not about altering what God has already made perfect. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m not for you. However, if there are things that aren’t always there (ahem the blemish that surprised you the day before), I got your back ;) 

how long does it take to receive my photos?

I understand the urgency with receiving senior pics with graduation coming up so quickly. I do not send sneak peeks so I can deliver full galleries within 3 weeks!

do you offer discounts?

I offer discounts one week at the very beginning of the semester. If you're wanting to book a senior session and want to save some money, keep your eyes out around the first week of school ;)

- kenna suckow '23

“Angelina is so wonderful!!! She’s amazing at what she does and makes every session so memorable! She knows how to make you feel comfortable and gets just as excited as you are to be taking pictures!”

“She’s amazing at what she does and makes every session so memorable!"

- rylee kitts '23

“Angelina took my college senior pictures and I am OBSESSED WITH THEM!!! She did the most amazing job and is so kind and thoughtful. Would definitely recommend booking with Angelina!”

“angelina took my senior pictures and i'm obsessed with them!!!"

love letters from past clients