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November 5, 2022

One of the many things I was blessed with in college was a wonderful ministry, Chi Alpha. It was there where I learned to walk with Jesus in a way I never had before. The precious friends I made along the way truly are some of the most treasured people in my life, and many of these friends stood right next to me when I got married.

Another reason Chi Alpha has such a special place in my heart is because… that’s where this all began. That’s right. This anointed ministry is where I met with the Lord and truly started to dream about this business and what it could be.

It all dates back to my senior year in college. I was engaged, and preparing for a new life after graduation in Houston, Texas. There was no direction for what I would do with my life or degree at the time. I felt so lost and fearful for what was to come after I said goodbye to College Station.

Flash forward to September 2021, and the Lord met me in such a sweet way. At Altitude, Chi Alpha’s yearly autumn retreat, I got the unique opportunity to take pictures for the ministry to use! (I think you can see where this is going)

I got to take pictures for a ministry I loved so dearly, and the Lord anointed it in such a beautiful way. Each image so beautifully encapsulated the tenderness of the weekend and showcased what God did.

This is where I began to find joy in taking pictures. I wasn’t just getting people to smile. I didn’t have an agenda of good pictures to take to bring people in through strategic marketing. All there was for me to do was to listen to the Holy Spirit and find moments worthy of being remembered. With Him as my guide, I was able to take snapshots in time of people meeting with Jesus.

This spark lit the fire in my heart for timeless memories through beautiful imagery. While I prayed and prayed for God to direct me on what to do with my life, He gave me the answer as it was in my hands (LITERALLY)

At the beginning of the retreat, I was received a card and a word from someone who had prayed for me. On this card, a verse from Psalms was given to me.

“My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up” -Psalm 5:3

It was on the 20th of September I started to be honest with God and started to dream with God. Less than two months later, I was confident in the calling the Lord gave me: to serve wedding days. The story of how that happened is one for another day (wink wink), but until then, please enjoy the 2022 edition of…

ALTITUDE: The Retreat that started this ALL!

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